Deadline: Check back soon for the Print Fellowship 2017 deadline!

Eligibility: MA/MFA Preferred – Proficiency in Photoshop, Illustrator, CMYK Color Separations, and other digital media – Ability to work in a collaborative environment – Familiarity with shop maintenance – Experience providing instruction and guidance

Costs / Support: COMPENSATION: $300/month on contract on payroll – housing, private room in a shared house – 24 hour access to the print shop and facilities as well as our wood and metal shops – shared studio


Program Description:

- Daily walk-through and clean up / trouble shooting
- Weekly check-in
- Monthly orientations and coordinating with residents
- Weekly hours of technical support: 16 hours / week to be scheduled with the rhythm of the residency (i.e. two full days, four half days, or whatever combination works best for the fellow and the resident’s needs)
- Print WP festival merchandise: t-shirts, posters, tote bags, other items as needed; coordinate with Design Fellow. Approx 40-50 hours w/ assistance from intern and/or resident work hours. (Festival is first weekend in August)
- Guest Artist Editions: edition prints and assist artists with file preparation (no more than 2 per month)
- Ordering of supplies and materials upon approval of the Residency Director
- 4-6 illustration projects focused on promoting Wassaic projects and event including our education program
- Separate paid contract for adult printmaking workshop in August

Shop should be clean and tidy: clean tabletops, no ink spills, etc.
Floor is clean and swept
Make sure wash-out room is not flooded
All tools (squeegees, spatulas) and screens are CLEAN and stored away.

- Check supply levels: screen reclaimer (strip-e-doo), emulsion, rags
- Re-label chemical bottles if needed
- Launder rags if needed
- Check light bulbs and replace if needed

- Check-in/print shop orientation: coordinate with Will to do wood shop and print shop consecutively
- Email residents an invitation to orientation. Attendance is mandatory for wood & print
- Check-out: Make sure screens have been reclaimed by residents prior to check-out
- Check the UV light bulbs in exposure unit
- Sweep with sweeping compound before orientation (on the day b/w check-out & check-in)
- Organize screens and scoop coaters
- Tidy up in the shop
- Assign flat files to residents

This shop is rudimentary. We’ve been able to produce beautiful prints in the space with artists such as Jen Dalton, Carl D’Alvia, Brody Condon, Judith Eisler and dozens more, but the technical capabilities are limited. We feel that is made up for by the incredible number and breadth of artists that you will meet during your time in Wassaic.

Check back soon for the Print Fellowship 2017 Application Info!