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Ryan Frank, 2010

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“My experience at the Wassaic Project residency was phenomenal. The rural setting provided much-needed space and distraction-free time, which was a blessing for my studio practice. The relationships I formed with the other artists were a fantastic source of artistic support and friendship. The Wassaic stuff were incredibly warm, generous with their time and support, and passionate about the arts, the town and the program. Ultimately, the performative installation I completed during my residency was more ambitious than previous work because of the immensely stimulating and supportive platform that the Wassaic Project offered me. I highly recommend it to artists working across any medium and at any stage of their career.” Georgia Saxelby, September 2017


“I honestly cannot thank Will, Tara and the other amazing individuals who keeps Wassaic going enough for their enthusiasm, presence, warmth and generosity while I was a resident. I genuinely felt like I was a part of a little family. My month at Wassaic allowed me such valuable clarity of mind, time to daydream and create. I cannot thank you enough!” Gwen Shockey, March 2018


“Wassaic in the winter is magic. It’s a serene, quiet, beautiful place to make work without distraction but with the support of terrific staff and in the company of other great artists (and now dear friends). There is very little to do, but in the best of ways: lots of time for the studio and some very imaginative evening events with the other residents.” Katy McCarthy, February & March 2018


“My time at the Wassaic Project was a period of great personal focus and bonding with other fantastic artists. The caliber of work produced there is inspiring and I recommend the residency to anyone looking to get away to a small, charming community nestled in nature.” Amanda Martinez, January 2018


“Being surrounded by all these great makers and thinkers really pushed me and my work.” Exit Survey Winter 2017/18


“The Wassaic Project was the perfect balance of casual and professional. Every staff member was approachable. The art exhibition was so great to have while being a resident. I felt very comfortable in Wassaic – carefree and focused. Wish I could have stayed longer!” Exit Survey, February 2018.


“The residency at the Wassaic Project gave me space to create works that have been stored inside me for years. This reconnection to large scale works felt healing and set me on an exciting path in my work. Along the way the community of fellow residence and visiting artists supported my process. Feeding goats and eating fresh herbs was also cathartic and inspired balance.” August 2017


“The peers I met at The Wassaic Project are now invaluable friends. Residency life is a pressure cooker (positive!); you get know everyone and become close quickly, which makes for lasting connections. Plus beautiful waterfalls, streams, rolling hills, horses, goats, and fire flies helps too.” Elise Thompson, June 2017.


“The Wassaic Project has embedded itself in the local community more successfully than any other residency I’ve attended.” Exit Survey, Summer 2017.


“Seeing the festival and witnessing how the Wassaic Project continues to work with past residents was inspiring.” Exit Survey, Summer 2017.


“The incredible community was hugely supportive and inspiring; I’ve come away from my experience with life long friends. The open format was perfect for me, it enabled me to create without limits, to find inspiration in my own way and produce work I’m hugely proud of. I had the support I needed, as well as the independence I required. It was the perfect balance.” Exit Survey, Winter 2017


“Aside from the always welcome studio time, I feel that the personal friendships and professional connections made during the residency were 100% the most worthwhile thing I could have gotten out of this experience. The Wassaic Project network is truly a wonderful thing.” Exit Survey, Winter 2017


“For me, this experience was the ideal combination of freedom and structure. There were ample opportunities to participate and be social, and also plenty of time to do my own thing. The results were a very productive and fruitful few months with lasting effects.” Exit Survey, Winter 2017


“The community, including both the residents and the Wassaic community, were my favorite part of the residency. Being surrounded by a supportive, creative group that is open to experimentation and collaboration was truly amazing, and I really appreciated the welcoming, positive vibe of the whole group. It was also exciting to be surrounded by residents who are doing really interesting, professional and relevant work.” Exit Survey, July 2016


“I found the most valuable aspects to be the phenomenal fellow residents I spent the month with and the visiting artists programming. I was very impressed with several of the people brought in for studio visits, and really appreciated members of the Wassaic residency staff taking time to come meet us and discuss our work as well.” Exit Survey, July 2016


“There’s magic in that place. It’s neither residency nor hamlet but something else.” Exit Survey, June 2016


“Part of what made the atmosphere so nice, I think, was that for these artists life and practice was effortlessly blended, such that just hanging out was often charged with exhilarating bursts of creativity, and it was unclear whether we were just horsing around or really making something.” Exit Survey, June 2016


“The passion for the Wassaic Project really shines through the people who work there and as a resident I felt instantly welcomed into and invested within that community.” Exit Survey, May 2016


“I really loved the people I met and the non-competitive relaxed environment that was created. It was nice to get out of the city and be exposed to different types of people from different places.” Exit Survey, April 2016


“The most worthwhile aspect of the residency was by far the sense of comradery amongst the residents as well as staff. The opportunity to be able to devote full attention to the studio and exploring the community was also such a privilege.” Exit Survey, August 2014


“Thanks for a great time! It was exactly what I needed, and I feel really refreshed and excited about the work I got done. I’ve already passed on Wassic’s information to friends.”  Exit Survey, August 2014


“Such a great cohesive community spirit of positive energy. SO greatful to have been able to experience the space you are all creating at Wassaic!” Exit Survey, July 1013


“The summer studio spaces are absolutely incredible. I haven’t had the space to make work and really get messy in a big barn in a very, very long time; the opportunity to have such SPACE and TIME ripped open the latent, full-of-potential aspects of my practice and let them develop.” Exit Survey, December 2012


“Most valuable about my time at the Wassaic Project was the opportunity to be meet an open, active and diverse community of working artists and to form meaningful bonds of friendship and critical dialogue with them.” October2012


“The community that I fostered seems just as important as the work I made, and I feel really part of something exciting, growing, and with great potential for furthering my art career. It also made me feel great about LIFE to live communally with amazing artist peers with a farm in the backyard. Like, DAMN is it amazing to be alive, and to be an artist…” October 2012


“I absolutely adored the people I lived with and felt lucky that we were able to be each others’ kind of on-call art consultants, fielding ontological black holes with great agility as well as bolstering the individual spurts of creative victory. Mealtime literary exchanges were the best. Also, explorations in dance technique. In addition, I was super relieved to be in the distraction-free hamlet (well, until the after-dinner dance rituals got going…). I feel I got a lot out of the studio visits….” October 2012


“Like most residencies one of the things I value most is meeting the other artist in residence. The one thing I really enjoyed here that not all other residencies have are the studio visits… I really had to open up a dialogue with these visitors and it forced me to really question and analyze my work.”  February 2013


2012 Resident Raoul Anchondo admiring Luther Barn from The Lodge porch. // Photo by Rachel Barrett

Ryan Frank, 2010

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